Fran Chandler



Fran Chandler is a Lifestyle Health Coach offering nutrition and wellness programs
infused with health coaching and exercise training. Fran currently serves individuals and
families desiring to improve their health and quality of life. In 2010 she implemented a
Wellness Program at St. Paul’s Catholic School in Jacksonville Beach which has over
800 students in grades Pre- K through 8th grade. The school is proud to be able to offer
various activities aimed at creating healthy habits for their students and staff.

Fran also founded 50 For FRAN which was a national health initiative campaign that
included elementary schools across the USA reaching over 2,000 students. This 10
week program aimed to get kids moving 5 days a week as well as teaching them
healthy lifestyle habits and inspire self confidence.

With her devotion to living a healthy lifestyle, Fran has a natural approach to health and
wellness. Her training as a Nutrition Manager Consultant was received under the
direction of Dr. Jane Pentz through the American Academy of Sports Dietitians &
Nutritionists with continued education for sports specific nutrition. Her strength and
conditioning training includes Ace Group Fitness, Crossfit, AFAA, and the Ido Portal
Movement Camp. Her classes combine gymnastics, strength training, joint preparation
agility, mobility, and locomotion work.

Fran is excited to share her passion for health and wellness with you.